THE SUNSHINE ALBUM by Jermaine Lockhart

Gifted saxophonist, Jermaine Lockhart, debuts his artistic, authentic, true character, and creative self in this new project, THE SUNSHINE ALBUM.

THE SUNSHINE ALBUM boasts cameo spots by esteemed musical talents, RAY PARKER JR., ELLIS HALL, and ROB MULLINS. It is produced by music icon PRESTON GLASS, and the legendary and great GEORGE BENSON provides executive oversight.

The vibe of the music is lively and broad-reaching and cleverly uses “sunshine” as its catalyst… something the world could use a lot more of especially during these uncertain times.

Only a few months ago, Lockhart’s Single EP, “Back To the Sunshine” showed its muscle by cracking the UK Top 10 Chart, and it is also included on THE SUNSHINE ALBUM. Also, the album has well-chosen, thematic “sunshine” cover songs: “Roll With It”, “Sunshine Superman” and “Ain’t No Sunshine”; and it has original compositions: “Emotion Explosion”, “Have It Anyway You Want It” and “Elizabeth”. THE SUNSHINE ALBUM proves to be a bright and glowing collection of songs, with interludes sprinkled in-between.

It’s no wonder George Benson has this to say about Lockhart: “Jermaine Lockhart is an artist that comes along only once in a while. When you hear him play, it’s something very striking – so that the next time you hear him, you’ll KNOW there is something very familiar about his sound.”

We at Platinum Garage Recordings/SOUL MUSIC RECORDS are proud to present to the globe, THE SUNSHINE ALBUM by tenor saxophonist, Jermaine Lockhart – Enjoy!

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Jermaine Lockhart Interview With David Nathan, May 2020



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This is Jermaine’s way of saying,
“I appreciate you! Thank you for taking the time to enjoy my music.”



Written by Robbie Benson
Published by Robbie Benson music (BMI)
Executive Producers:
George Benson, David Nathan & Preston Glass
Consulting Executive: George Benson
Management & Creative Direction:
Five Star Artist Management/Nathan Sturdivant
Artist Services/Creative Associate: Marc Blake
Saxophone: Jermaine Lockhart
Drums, Keys, Horn & String Arrangement: Preston Glass
Organ, Synth Bass: Robbie Benson
Poppin’ Electric Bass: Reynoldo Reggie
Background Vocals: Charity Lockhart & Terrill Williams
Recorded by Mark DeCozio at Brick Road Studios, Scottsdale, AZ
Also recorded, Mixed and Mastered at “The Hang” studio, Los Angeles, Ca.
Engineers: Preston Glass & Kent Rayburn
Cover Art: Roger Williams
Jewelry: Molina Fine Jewelers
Special Thanks from Preston Glass to David Nathan, Gina Glass, George & Johnnie Benson, Nathan Sturdivant, Marc Blake, Mark DeCozio and Stephanie Gonzalez

OVERVIEW for “Perfect Timing”

JERMAINE LOCKHART’s sophomore single release “Perfect Timing,” follows his debut Top 10 UK single “Back To The Sunshine” with a punctual slice of jazz/funk/pop that gets you movin’.

It has the same 1st class production (by Preston Glass) that his 1st single did, but the exceptional thing about this recording is that it boasts Executive Production by the legendary GEORGE BENSON, and it was written by George’s son Robbie Benson. The track also introduces powerhouse vocals by Jermaine’s talented sister, Charity Lockhart.

George has this to say about Mr. Lockhart.

“Jermaine Lockhart is an artist that comes along every once in a while. When you hear him play, it’s something very striking – so that the next time you hear him, you’ll know that there is something very familiar about his sound.”

We at Platinum Garage Recordings/Soul Music Records are proud to release to the world at large, some feel-good music. In an uncertain, imperfect world, we feel it is definitely “PERFECT TIMING” for this new single release.

Check it out!

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(February 8, 2019) Saxophonist Jermaine Lockhart touts a quartet of jazz legends as key influences on his music. You can’t go wrong in drawing inspiration from Thelonious Monk, Woody Shaw and saxophonists John Coltrane and Dexter Gordon.
Lockhart also has an endorsement from living legend George Benson with the rollout of his new single, “Back to the Sunshine.” And after listening to the Lockhart’s melodic and creative saxophone work that operates in concert with the throwback funky yet smooth arrangement that propels this upbeat number, it’s easy to see why.
“Back to the Sunshine” has a feel that takes a time when fusion artists like Benson, the Crusaders, and Grover regularly aired on R&B radio, because those performers had the groove that fits in with the funk and soul that we jammed to at the time. This song takes you back, but it does not feel dated – because that kind of groove never goes out of style.

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This Summer, for sure, you will want to groove to BACK TO THE SUNSHINE by Jermaine Lockhart. That is because this music is different from all the others.

BACK TO THE SUNSHINE performed by tenor-saxophonist, Jermaine Lockhart, delivers a really good, feel-good, feeling that gets you excited whenever you hear it playing. His swift, precise, yet playful fingers lightly glide across his magical horn to play for us a delightful tune that makes you want to move and groove. It is so smooth you will want to hear it play, from the first of light until the evening is done.

Also, this “POP-JAZZ” Dance EP Single, seamlessly, and brilliantly, masterfully, and easily shows the genius behind this digitally mastered musical masterpiece. Imagine this…..There you see Jermaine Lockhart playing those bass tones on his saxophone, while there sits Living Legend, George Benson, listening in and adding his masterstrokes whenever they are needed. To the right stands David Nathan and Preston Glass (Award-Winning Producers) both keeping perfect time with the upbeat tempo playing. Everybody was groovin’. Together, these Icons created this funky smooth tune BACK TO THE SUNSHINE to give us something good to listen to and to help you forget about ANYTHING that ails you.

Because BACK TO THE SUNSHINE deviates from the traditional, customary rhythms played by other saxophonists, it has a totally unique “POP-JAZZ” dance sound that attracts fans from all over the world coming in @ #15 on the U.K. Soul Chart, Top 30 (02/19/2020), and RECORD OF THE WEEK @ (02/04/2020). The melody will linger in your ears long after hearing it play. It is like getting sunshine on any given day for music listeners no matter where you may live.

Please visit to download your copy of BACK TO THE SUNSHINE and to hear more of Jermaine’s music.

By Donna Mc


Multi-Talented Artist, Jermaine Lockhart, was reared surrounded by music. His mother is a music school teacher and his father, a Pentecostal Pastor, played Lead guitar. It was while in high school Jermaine became interested in playing the saxophone because he was told by his teacher that it would make him more popular. He has performed in a range of musical genres including Gospel, Straight-Ahead Jazz, and R&B. He also plays drums and piano, but he loves the saxophone because he says, “It has BOSS tones.”

That is most likely why mentor and friend George Benson chose Jermaine to be his protégée. After hearing him play Mr. Benson said, “People should hear your music and you should be in the studio recording.”

Artists who inspired his music include George Benson, John Coltrane, Dexter Gordon, Woody Shaw, Thelonious Monk. And, he has shared the stage with Earl Klugh, The Crusaders, Stanley Turrentine, Roy Ayers, Jeff Lorber, Angela Bofill, Pieces of a Dream, Bob James, Charity Lockhart, and others.

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, he and his family now reside in Phoenix, AZ USA.

Contact us at to leave a message and to listen to more of Jermaine’s music.